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Self Hypnosis for Healing

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Self Hypnosis and Meditations

Hypnotherapy and meditation can be used for various health, well being and spiritual principals. Visit the downloads page for access to hypnotherapy sessions on everything from past life regression and self healing to sleep aids and diet. This page is a constant work in progress, so please use the contact us button if you don't see a session on the subject you're looking for, we will look into putting it on our list!

Past Life Regression Self Hypnosis Session

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Sessions are now available for download in areas of Sleep, Belief change, Self Healing, connection, and more!

Self Hypnosis for Healing Podcast

Visit our podcast in video on YouTube, Browse the latest available videos through the links on the Links page.

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Upcoming Workshops

3 day Create Your Life Workshop

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"I would like to thank you Elizabeth for the wonderful workshop! The meditation was so relaxing, allowing my body to prepare for the past life regression. I was able to tune into the regressions. I felt there was a very strong message in one life that helps me in this life. It was a "me day" and I enjoyed

the experience at the workshop! Also surrounded by great people participating. Thanks again Elizabeth!"
    Terri McCormick, Chicago, IL


Elizabeth Catherine is a Hypnotherapist, certified through The South West Institute for Healing Arts, (2013) and certified in Past Life Regression Therapy through Dr. Brian Weiss. (2018)  She is also a trained Usui Reiki Master, (2013) and holds a BFA in illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design(1999.)

She has been hosting workshops in Self Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression sessions with individuals and groups with the goal of providing a space for self healing, and mystical experiences since 2013. She is also an advocate for empowering individuals to create their own lives according to the vision they hold for themselves, and providing the tools to help them achieve success.

*If you are suffering from mental health issues please consult your medical professional before starting  any hypnotherapy program.


Please stay in touch for upcoming workshops!

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Elizabeth's workshop was amazing and just what I needed. Elizabeth is so open and gentle. I love her style. She uses her intuition and years of experience to help guide participants on their individual journey. Her voice is soothing and she moves at just the right pace, allowing time to truly experience the meditations. I look forward to future workshops!

Amy Berglind, Chicago, IL

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