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Create your Life Workshop

With Elizabeth Catherine

In this 3 day workshop, we will combine techniques and hypnotherapy experiences for creating your life according to your own vision for it, and learn new tools to help you along the path, using intention, visualization and hypnotherapy to create a new vision of yourself that you will to continue to soak in long after the workshop is over.

Creating the perfect environment for you to succeed in whatever pursuits you desire, whether they be personal, spiritual, monetary, health, physical, or any other pursuits.

Successful people often use intention on their path to finding and maintaining success. When our resolve is strong and we connect with intention, it connects us to the power within that is at one with all that is, was and ever will be, the part of us that is Love, it is also our true form. 

Once we build a solid understanding of how to cultivate our inner world, we can begin to see how to use this understanding to now live with intention in our outer world and start creating the changes we wish to see in the world around us.

In this workshop we will explore this, using the same techniques we use for our own personal intentions, and share ideas for how we can start living in a more peaceful future even as we live in today.

There are currently no workshops currently scheduled, if you have a location you would like to suggest, or if you would like to be put on the notification list for this workshop, click below to send an email.

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