Elizabeth Catherine

Gazing down in the pond she saw herself, but it wasn’t the one she knew before. She was new, she was brave fierce and full of love she had become a keeper of the light.

Engendered Love podcast

Engender means "to become a feeling or emotion" (new oxford dictionary online) Engendered Love means to have become Love. In the Engendered Love Workshop Series and podcast we will talk about and practice and create the feeling of love, and work toward creating a community where love is the common thread between us.

There are 3 ways to experience Engendered Love with Elizabeth! A totally free podcast series that will give you an overview of the entire Engendered Love program through brief lectures and hypnosis/meditation experiences. In the  online workshops you have a choice of doing a self directed 6 week program, or a group program that meets once a week to discuss your progress with other participants and Elizabeth Catherine, and finally a weekend intensive workshop that explores the same workshop in a more focused environment.

Manifesting for a better world online workshop

Weekend Intensive Workshop: Manifesting for a better world

Engendered Love