Please visit my blog, One Painting at a Time, for instructional posts with videos, inspirational posts on  including detailed descriptions of my work. Meanwhile, here is a little sample. 

Every September something magical happens.  My beloved little boy returns to his studies and I am free to think, paint, and be alone.  I know that in a few months I will be missing him, and cold, and waiting for summer again, but for now, I’m full of the usual autumn inspiration and observing the growth that has happened within myself over the summer.

Today was a very big day for me.  Today  I found meaning in my work.  Most people don't realize that for many artists talking about your work is akin to walking down a hallway with snakes, spiders, and mice. We hate it.  We can talk all day about color and line and movement, space, and technique, but when confronted with the question, “What does it mean?”  We often resort to the age old answer, “What does it mean to you?”  The reason this “answer question” was invented was because our work is very personal, often it’s just a feeling we have, and to put it into words, the art begins to deconstruct before our eyes.  Some artists may disagree with this, (and if you are one of those artists, please weigh in, in the comments) but for me this has been 100% true, until today.  Today I have focus.

I have changed direction many times in years of studying painting, but never has it felt so right.  I feel calm today.  Like years and years of searching for my path have just melted away, and now I am here.

Since I was a child my parents saw my talent and pushed me towards art  From a young age I knew I was going to be an artist, the earliest I can remember recognizing this was when I was 5 years old, almost as soon as this realization became solid, immediately following was the question, “But how is being an artist going to help save the world?”  Today, I found my answer.

One of my favorite novelists, Patricia McKillip, has a way with magic.   She finds magic in everyday life, she sews spells into tapestry and threads new love with songs.  When I paint, I paint love into the world. I have been doing it for ages, not knowing I had already found the meaning in my life, my own version of the answer to the question of how to save the world.  Today and every day forward, I paint the change I want to see in the world.

When my heart breaks because a baby's body washes ashore, broken, I will paint him whole again, safely in his mother’s arms.  As I read the stories about cows and their calves being torn from one another moments after birth with both crying for one another for days and sometimes weeks, they will be met with paintings of cows and their calves happily nursing together.

I know it isn't much, others in the past have painted the worlds miseries to bring awareness to them, it just doesn't strike me as a beneficial thing to do at this time.  I hope that what I am doing now will bring awareness to the change that needs to happen if we are to continue to evolve as a species, and frankly, if we are to continue to survive ourselves.

This blog is to function as a call to action.  We, as individuals, do not have the power that we have as group. I am sending out the beacon, the bat call, the flare gun, I'm looking for all of you to #BeTheChange.

Please #StandWithMe in my quest to change the world.  Here’s how you can help:

Follow this blog, and leave lots of comments, the more people see this is an active movement, the more inspired people will be to join.

Share this blog, I promise to post once a week, if you promise to share  it and make it worth the time I put in.

DO ONE THING to make the world a bit better, set up a monthly donation to a viable charity, (Do your research!!)  Try eating vegan for a week, see if its something you may want to consider permanently in the future, see what you can do to make you carbon footprint smaller, I will post weekly challenges.

BRAG ABOUT YOUR ACHIVEMENTS using the hashtags #BeTheChange and #StandWithMe.  This is just as important as changing yourself, inspiring others to change themselves. Please, don't skip this step.

Do something creative and share it. Creativity is the way to happiness. Happy people want everyone to be happy, if you are happy, you are more likely to #BeTheChange.

We can do this.

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